Sunday, September 6, 2009

The craziest of the craziest ideas!

Oh my.... I got a crazy idea the other day..... I'm going to Japan! I want to go for Christmas and New Years, so I sent a mess to Maiko if I could come visit and she said yes. Will probably stay with her at her parents' place. Maiko also said that we should start planning all places to visit. Omg, is this really going to happen?! I started looking for a plain ticket today and the tickets are not too expensive, considering it's holiday times.

I WANT TO JUMP UP AND DOWN! I'm so EXCITED! ! It's unbelievable! JAPAN! Tokyo here I come! This has been my dream for many, many, many, many, MANY, M A N Y years! That I also will have Maiko around that could guide and teach me everything would just be amazing!

Ok, continue to look for tickets. This with vacation time from my company is just details. One of my co-workers are getting married and she is taking 3 weeks off to get married and go to Greece. Also two days off for her bachelorette party. So, can she take that long I can take less for the time around the holidays.

Spice up your life ppl! Japan here I come!

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