Monday, September 7, 2009

BBQ it is!

YAY! So I got Kirsten and Kelly to get into the idea of doing some bbq and make those sticks with food. So that will happen today. Exciting! I wake up and I feel very happy. It's really strange with my wave behaviour sometimes. Oh well, what's important is that I'm happy. Everything will be ok.

Saw "Hounddog" yesterday. Dakota Fanning again, she fascinates me. If she was my kid I would not aloud my kid to play in such a dark movie, no matter how much she got paid and how good actress she is. The kid got raped, her dad got struck by lighting and life was just rough for the kid. Very, very,very good movie though. I was glued to my screen. My Netflix is probably one of the best things I ever invested in.

Also I'm having a funny facebook chat with my niece Sarah. She called my mom, her grandma, and apparently my mom has bought a "youth jacket" at her favourite store Dea. What on earth is a "youth jacket"?? I really don't get it. It was apparently the sales woman in the store that had called the jacket that. Is that a way of selling clothes to retired people to call them "youth jackets"? Hilarious!

Ok, time to fix my room and then locate those sticks to put food on. This will be great!


  1. Exact! Kommer aldrig ihag vad det heter pa engelska. Amerikanerna skrattar ihjal sig nar jag sager: "those sticks with food."!