Saturday, September 26, 2009

The moment.

I have been sitting here thinking for a while now. Yesterday I had a somewhat interesting conversations with one of my co-workers. I was supposed to play tennis yesterday in Prospect Park and I was telling her about it. Said that Kelly was going to teach me and Kirsten. Then the different topics started jumping from Rosetta Stone language cds, boyfriends, curiosity, learning new things to how people are. Not really sure how all this all happened but it just did.

Long time ago I mentioned M to her and a short summary of the story. I'm really clear what I want in a new person, thanks to M. I'm simply not going to compromise some things personality wise. I mentioned some things to my co-worker. In a nutshell, I simply need a curious person that is not afraid of things or change. Someone that one day wouldn't mind moving to the other side of the planet. Someone that sees the planet as a whole and not just one place. International. Similar history of living. Or as my other co-worker put it: "You're adventures..... I just wish I had the ability to do something like that and move that far away from home, but I don't." So someone that function that way too.

My co-worker looked at me and said it's hard to find someone that is interested in the whole planet, different cultures, languages etc, especially in NY where everone is just on their own mission. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I went to school with those people and I have met so many of them. They are all out there. It's just a matter of finding them. But it's probably true to some point that most people have no interest in being international and rather just stick to one thing because it's a pattern and simple.

Maiko has probably lived at 10 places all over the world, West Coast, East Coast, London, Israel, New Zealand and she is born in Japan. She found an Italian guy in New York and they moved to Illinois for 6 months, moved to San Fransisco for 1 1/2 year and some months ago moved to England.

My other friend Maiko is born in Japan, lived in Paris for 6 years. Her husband is Japanese, lived in Chicago for a while and now they live in Australia. Travel a lot and every time I hear from Maiko she is on the way somewhere.

So there are people out there that are ready for change. It's just a matter of finding them and that they have the same mindset. And really, I concluded in the weird conversation that it's not even about the international part. It's more about curiosity, being able to embrace someone else interest and respect for another person. Just those things in a person's personality works fine. Working as a good team member instead of against is also a good personality. Having struggled a little bit is also good, creates the reality that nothing last forever and a gratefulness for everything that is around.

Even though other people don't seem to believe in my hope that there is someone like me out there, they should keep their crap to themselves. Really, compromise to the level of denying yourself just to be with someone? That's just stupid. If I was 75 maybe but I'm not so until then, I rather be with myself then with someone that just couldn't find the key to make me happy, like my personlity or understand me.

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