Saturday, September 12, 2009

My new addiction.

It's gray, raining and just fall in the air. I'm spending my new time with my new addiction... Watching all episodes of "True Blood"... Such a weird and slightly intense show some moments. Just LOVE the intro of this show though. I get so inspired. Ok, time for the next episode. This is getting interesting!

Also would like to add that I think I have changed my mind about my French roommate after she cleaned our bath tube that has been nasty dirty for the past months. I have been trying to attack it with no success. She got to have bought some miracle cleaning liquid. We now have a SHINY bath tube, it's just amazing. I just started smiling when I saw this in the bathroom. Now I can take as many bathes as I want to without getting all disgusted. Perfect for the fall: me, the bath tube, some snacks, tea and a book. I just love it.

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