Friday, September 18, 2009

Funny, funny.....

Ha, today I was completely bursting out in laughter in front of my computer at work. I'm sitting there sketching some sweater jumpers and all of a sudden the owner starts playing his piano and a few seconds later someone starts singing. I look around, hold back my laugh, meet one of my co-workers eyes and me & her just burst out in laughter.

Felt like I was attending a music class at age 13 when my then music teacher used to play her piano and sing LOUD to get everyone in the mood. Anyway, turns out that a visitor was singing. They couldn't hear us laughing due to that loud piano, thank god for that. I just couldn't stop laughing.

Song of choice? Can't remember but it was in the same category of "Bridge over trouble water". Fabulous, oh yes. Definitely the big entertainment of the day. Our secretary/production assistant even dropped by my desk and asked if I was ok due to me trying to hold back my laugh about "the show". The quality was "great".....

That was F U N N Y.

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