Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This with ppl's music choices...

Oh btw, I have to add that I can't stand love songs anymore. It's KILLING us all at work.... Whitney, Lady in Red, Celine Dion's Titanic song.... They are so sleepy. Slightly entertained sometimes though..... I hear a long exhale from my co-worker next to me: "NOT a g a i n.... p l e a s e...." When the owner's listen to the same love songs again and again every day.

One day one of the owner's was even walking around the printer trying to sing Celine Dion's "My heart will go on".... Is this really normal for men in their 50's??? I'm not kidding here! He was seriously trying to sing a long in the song. C R A Z Y. That's when I had to hide my complete laugh attack. Stuff like this still makes me laugh when I think about it.

As I advise other people to see the few percentage that are funny when everything is shit, I'm doing that one now. Life is amazing. I need to get the feeling back. Cheer up. Life doesn't stop because things are hard. I just wish it was easy sometimes.... Just for once.... I need support. I feel that I'm floating without not really knowing how I'm going to get my feet down on the ground again. But like NYC is, you're always on your own no matter what.

Kirsten said something insteresting though, I have more things going on and unique things with me than a lot of people in this city. There got to also be a meaning and purpose why I'm still in this city, I was almost moving but then stayed. I should always remember that, Kirsten had severeal good points. It's just so hard sometimes. Here we go again... re-building. I should really write a book one day about my 8 years abroad. Living without any real support for all these years and the support I found are gone. Probably a meaning with that too. What I know about myself though is: Going down is always going up in a near future. As I tell people too, and even my co-worker reminded me of that today when I had my shitty moment: "Linda, breath in, breath out - Let Go." Jahapp.

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