Friday, September 4, 2009

I survived.... and it was AWESOME!

So I'm back! After what turned out to be a 2 1/2h paddling at the East River! Quite a workout, really. So cool though! Paddled between LIC in Queens and Manhattan. I was sitting in the front enjoying the view while Kirsten was sitting in the back doing the extra job.

We started when it still was light out and the we stopped the canoes and watched the sun go down and the moon come out. Then we paddled in the dark and Kirsten said when we paddled through a less clean water area: "I so expect to see a dead body coming floating soon! I watch to much CSI...."

It was AWESOME though! I'm so happy! My body is dead now though.... Going to take a nice bath with bubbles and go to bed. Stopped at the first bar with Kirsten after the paddling. Sat there and updated and just enjoyed the moment of not being SOAKED anymore... haha.

This was a great evening! So much to do in this city, it's just a matter of seeking it out.

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