Friday, September 11, 2009


Like everything else that I have forgotten I'm now rediscovering. All movies I haven't seen and wanted to see I now see them. Now I'm getting sidetracked by music. For the moment listening to MGMT, again and again.

Also drinking my Blåbärssoppa, imported from Sweden by Tina, haha. Fabulous. Watching the rain through the window and just enjoying the moment. We got to leave work early today even though our Summer Fridays no longer exist after Labor Day. Our slightly crazy (literally) secretary/production assistant told one of the owners' that she wants her summer hours back. Then apparently he said yes for all of us to leave an hour earlier... Unbelievable! I have been speed sketching the whole day. Sketched 3 jackets and started a knitted sweater dress. So much work it's unbelievable. Our boss pissed off me and my co-worker a bit. She is not in the office on Fridays ever, but calling about all the stuff that she should had done but didn't, she then wants us to do it. Like all her research for new styles. That's her job, not ours. We got enough to do as it is. Whatever. Speed Fashion Snoopped and had 30 trend inspired styles printed out. Stuff go fast here! It's just unbelievable how disorganized some people are though. Really, I do not get it how this company sometimes can get a single garment out in the store. If someone wants to make a show with "The Office" inspiration and how the design industry work, this could be the place to do the show. Just bring in a camera, you have your show for real. Still I really like to work there, it just gets frustrating at times when you know you have to sketch 10 styles in less than 2 days and there is no research, no organization... No nothing.... Just that everything has to get done otherwise the management will go BANANAS. Literally. Somehow all of this is entertaining though. I have reached the conclusion that I never take anything seriously anymore, haha.

Deadline - whatever. Important - whatever. Stress - whatever.

It's such a waste of time and doesn't help at all to focus on that bullshit so I just do my own thing and it's working. The owner of the company started a talk with me yesterday about what I was doing, for the moment sketching:
"I'm sketching bodies. It takes some time but it's getting there."
"Nice, I knew that you could sketch from when I saw your portfolio."
"Ok, well this is more detailed than the activewear I used to do."
"You're learning, that's good."

Anyway, to talk about something else - I had a weird morning. I was on the train and this begging man was on the train and kept going on and on and on and on about his life and how much help he needed and that he really wanted to help other people. Said that his brother was born blind, that he had no home and we all should feel so grateful that we had a roof over our heads. Pulling every single make-people-feel-guilty button out there. I felt sick in the end. I never really change train when beggars walk on but this time I had. He was going crazy telling his life story and I just started to feel so guilty over everything. I should just feel grateful over every single minute on this planet and all the wonderful privileged things that are out there for me. That I was lucky enough to be born in the percentage of people on this planet with a good life. I got my head, all my arms and legs.

Situations like this morning just gets me thinking. All the "problems" that some people have, spare me. Life is too short to not just embrace it. Sometimes I really wonder if someone sends out these people for me to meet, they fit so well into everything like it's all tailored scene from a movie.

This was proabably a very confused text, haha. All in once, that's the deal of the day. Speed it is.

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