Thursday, September 24, 2009

Me & 4 year olds.

Have been spending my evening with 4 year old Emma and Jaden. 4 year olds are crazy. The spent the whole dinner just trying different ways to laugh, making faces and just being completely silly. They are best friends so I could most of the time just hang out on the couch while they did their own thing. Then we started drawing and they had been trying to check my limits so well then I started to check their limits, haha. Simply doing what they were trying to do to me on them. We were using markers and Jaden was looking at Emma's drawing and I simply took her orange marker and started using it. She didn't use it anyway for the moment and I needed it for my flower drawing. All of a sudden Jaden is trying to find her marker and gets all confused. Emma looks at me and starts laughing. Jaden looks at me with a suspicious face. That's when the three of us were cool. Me and 4 year olds work great. I love that age, they're hilarious, life is amazing in their eyes and they just put a smile on my face. So much love and curiosity it's amazing.

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