Sunday, September 20, 2009

No focus! Grrr!

Stupid, I was supposed to get a new pair of ballerinas as my old ones are d o n e. Went to get a pair and of course I lost focus and ended up getting a pair of jeans and a very cool plaid top instead. So lost focus. I'm not supposed to be spending as I have to get a ticket to Japan. Shoes was on the list and that didn't get solved. Oh well, the jeans are GLUED to my body and I really needed a new pair of blue jeans. Also the plaid top is perfect for work. So.... that's explains that. I have also been super good with bringing lunch for work almost every day. Serious waste of money to buy lunch around were I work. Expensive, nasty quality and just nothing exciting to chose from. So lunch box it is going forward. At least if I'm going to continue my losing focus spending, haha.

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