Monday, September 14, 2009

Serious addidction....

Ok, so the whole day I have been wondering about what will happen on "True Blood". This is just not normal, I'm addicted. It's also entertaining that the oldest vampire is a Swedish actor, Alexander Skarsgard, and they keep referring that he is a Swedish vampire. Also random sentences of Swedish in the show, hilarious!

Other than that my afternoon today involved a text mess to Kirsten: "If I have a throw up attack on some people here and end up in jail for awful behaviour - pls come visit."
Rsponse: "LOL ok!"

Anyone ever worked in design and dealt with no organisation & confusion people know what I'm talking about. Wasn't that bad though, have no patience today though. My co-worker got a "I'm so m a d" attack due to the no organisation. Wonderful. Whatever. Tomorrow is a new day. Breath in, breath out as we say. Mondays are just Mondays, not much to say about it. Ha.

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