Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mrs. Anna Anka.

My mom is upset at the "Swedish Hollywoodwife" show with Anna Anka that right now is airing in Sweden. Apparently she turned off the show after watching for a few minutes during the first episode, refusing to watch anymore. This show, I do not understand what people are so upset about, really. You can see that parts of it is just for the show. Who cares?

For anyone that hasn't heard about this "high quality" reality show it's about 3 Swedish women that married rich on the West Coast. People are upset as hell about Anna Anka's opinions about how a marriage should work, money, attitude... You name it. Oh please, you can see that it's all to provoke at some parts. The woman seems nuts though.

Whatever, for anyone that has time and energy to get upset about Paul Anka's wife on this show, need to get a life. They are crazy, yes. Are they funny? No. It's just a show to provoke and the producers are doing a hell of a good job to upset the people in "mellanmjolks" Sverige with jantelagen. It's pretty funny, I see production like this how good the people behind are to sell it to the mainstream market. Being upset about it? Forget about it, I got more imprtant things to do.

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