Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Excitment in the air!

I feel really happy today. Excitement in the air! Almost bought my ticket for Tokyo. Just checking some things with Maiko and hoping that she hasn't changed her mind...... Never know. I mean it's going to be me and all Japanese people over Christmas and New Years... in.... *drum roll*...... TOKYO, JAPAN. I feel a bit like I'm crashing a party, nah, not really but it's definitely a pretty different thing to do. Many years ago I planned to live in Japan for some time. Then I ended up staying in NYC. I don't know. I remember in college that Susanne used to ask me when we fixed our US visas when I was going to apply for my Japanese visa, haha.

Sketched as crazy at work. Me and that fashionshoops trendsite are GLUED in order to get somewhere with everything. Today I really felt that I can do this. Hell yeah, I can be a designer. All I need is a green card, start freelancing when the economy is up and running again in this country and soon things would work it self out. I haven't felt this confident about things in a long time. It's exciting to check out new styles online, research great color combinations and just sketch away. It's fun! This is how it should be. Discuss new styles and what works with what. I think I finally have rediscovered the connection to my life again and the reason why I wanted to work to become a designer. Because it's fun. Life is fun.

Everything will be ok. Smile people, life is too short to not. : )

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