Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A calmness.

I feel pretty good today. Had a pretty good day. Went with the design team on a kids trend seminar with FashionSnoops for Fall/Winter '10/'11. Did I mention btw that I have my own FashionSnoops account? Like hello access 24/7 to kids trends? This is definitely the benefits of working for a small company. Also that we all got to go on this seminar. Where I worked before there was never any spots, interest, or time to have all employees go for something like this. I just LOVE it! Sitting there parked at a seminar, got free food and just going through trend by trend. The four of us on a row, my boss with some crazy comment (What else? This lady is a character.) in the middle and just enjoying to get out of the office.

Life feels good at days like this. I really feel that everything will be ok. There is nothing to worry about at all on this planet. Whatever happens, happens. That's the mood I'm going to have every day from now on, that's what I have decided.

Oh, my boss wants to get in to see the fashion shows in the Bryant Park tents. Apparently she has never been. The secretary/production assistant will apparently try to get our boss into any show. T got super excited.: "Really??!!! You can get me in? Anything, I want to see anything! I have never been!" Anybody seeing this lady in action would crack up, she's like a five year old going bananas when she gets excited, haha. I am so entertained and I just start laughing. Then she acts up even more.

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