Monday, August 31, 2009


I feel better, but I feel low. It's such a weird feeling.

At work I was laughing. Got the weirdest pant ever. The cuff at the hem was all messed up. My boss was on the phone with the vendor. Every time she talks to this guy it's like an episode from the office: "*****, NO that is NOT what you told me. ******, wait, what? You don't have anymore fabric? How is that possible????!!!! ******, how come you have no more fabric???!!!" Then she runs away or have someone run and find for her what she is looking for. Me, my co-worker next to me and the technical designer crack up of laughter: "Here we go again!" The stupid vendor have once again messed something up. This time to not buy enough fabric to create a proper cuff for a pant. It's "great"! What else can be done than just laugh about this circus? I still wonder how this company can even get one single garment made...... On Friday the same vendor apparently had shipped the orders wrong and the old owner, that still works at the company, went BANANAS and yelled at the same vendor: "******, how the hell could this happen?? This is NOT what I told you to do? You did what?! *******" We thought the old man would have a heart attack.

Back to me, I'm weirding myself out. Here comes fall again. I just want to snuggle on a couch or my bed and watch a movie. Think, read a book. It makes me bored after a while though. I'm like a little doggie that needs to hang around people. Where is the party?

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