Monday, August 17, 2009

Fire in the work building...

Quite some action at work today! The fire alarm went off and of course everyone ignored it. We had a fire drill some weeks ago so everyone though it was just another one. Turned out it wasn't.... First the alarm went off in the hallway and then it went off in the office - LOUD & CLEAR SIGNAL - Get the hell out of there! 

The owner got a scared face and we all started walking down the stairs. Turned out there was some kind of elevator fire on the 6th or the 7th floor. All people from all floors were walking down. So many people! We only walked from the 12th floor and still it took FOREVER to get down. Outside there were firetrucks, firemen and a huge gathering of people. 

Well, the building survived. I guess it was just a mini fire or what it now was. It was still scary though. If a real fire would happen in that building we would be screwed. I do not even want to think about stuff like that. I should put in as a requirement for a new job that I do not work on a higher floor than the 3rd, haha. Floors and high buildings in this city can be scary.

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