Sunday, August 16, 2009

The weekend..

Quite an eventful weekend. Friday at work was ok. My boss called me and wanted me to do approvals for her that she hadn't done and she is always out of the office on Fridays. In an attempt to bribe me to do them for her the following conversation developed:

"Linda, I just have to say thank you. You are really smart. I just have to say that."
"Well, thank you."
"I really mean that. You are smart. It really took you no time at all to catch up with us what we are doing."
"It's similar to what I did before."
"Yes, that might be, but even so some people never get it. You just catch on and do it. Your mom should be really proud of you."
"Ha, thanks, I will tell her that, she will be happy."
"Do that, I mean it. Your smart and you do a great job. Thank you."

I guess they love me at that place. I'm a little bit weirded out by conversations like this though. I have a feeling that she is trying to bribe me and if my co-worker that is her cad artist decides to drop out of her job, I will take over. I just get that feeling. Sucking up, that's what she is doing. Lately the mistakes that have been happening have not been mine, they have been my co-workers... Which is not good. We had a circles print that due to my co-worker sending it out, the circles got 50% smaller than what it should be... Her response to that: "Oh please, who cares about these stupid circles. The buyer will not even know the difference for the size of the circle print."
Ok......................... Comments like that are not going to fly for a long time. That means you are done with this job and if the owner would hear that, she would be out of the door in no time.

Friday afternoon/evening I spent at Kirsten's place. Kelly was in LA so it was me and her drinking wine, she making a picnic and watched part of "Marley & Me". Great time. Girl talk, hanging out, laughs and just realizing that I have a GREAT friend that is just growing and growing on me.

Spent the night at Kirsten's place and woke up with a breakfast pie in front of my face. Kirsten is amazing! She had been up, walked Mush, bought breakfast and had fixed a salad for the picnic. Kelly was back and the three of us went to the beach. SUPER nice day. I burnt my scalp though. Hurts as hell. Next time for the beach I need to get a hat. I managed to not get burnt anywhere really, except some small parts on my body and my head, of all the places, got burnt. Crazy, never happened before.

Today I spent my day at Celina's place. Met her little brother that is visiting from Korea. Helped her sort out stuff to sell on Craiglist and listed stuff for her. Have a really, really great friend in Celina too. I'm going to be so sad when she leaves in 10 days, for good to Korea. 5 years of friendship in this city. We're complete opposites by she is a super friend. If anyone could ever tell the story of my life in this city over the years, she would be the one. We shared the happy moments, visa situations, horrible times, crying on the phone, happiness on the phone, exhibition fever and just... GREAT times.

People come and go in this city. That's just NYC. It just becomes harder and harder for every year. I feel that I can't do this anymore to see people coming and going. I miss people. Oh well, this is not going to end up in some sadness over missed people blog entrance. So I"m finished here.

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