Thursday, August 6, 2009

Almost Friday...

Thursday. Sleepy day #1 for sure. Feeling dizzy and confused. Not really sure what's happening around me. Kirsten called me. She's on the way to Buffalo to hang with her family. Ok. Everyone are out on adventure except me basically.

I feel very restless. Want to do so much but I can't focus. Listing to weirdo music. I'm going to go to bed soon and watch a movie. Exhausted. The speed right now at work is HERE. Really. Soon I'm simply just going to say: "I got to arms, two legs and one head. Until I start growing more limbs just deal with that things take time." But that's not happening and until then I'm just saying: "Will be done asap."
Look at the technical designer or the cad artist and exchange looks and start to laugh. Today I was instructing the technical designer how we were changing one of our garments and when she walked away I ended with a happy & energetic: "Next weeks it's something else! This is the story for now! YAY!"
The technical designer started laughing. How much me and her fix and do our best to maintain everything stuff are always changing. What was news yesterday is ancient the day after. Things go FAST there. One day make a garment 2" shorter, next day make it an 1" longer and the 3rd day make it 3" longer. One day everything should be Bermudas, next day leggings, and then back to Bermudas again. Never ending. Better just to take it with a laugh and just fix it. That's how we deal with stuff even though I after the past week feel like I lost my head.

Jahapp. Bedtime. I'm passing out.

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