Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gorgeous ppl on the subway...

Just as the title.... Gorgeous people on the subway. Omg, I think I met on of the most good-looking guys on this planet today. Not kidding! If beauty, coolness and style had a face - it would be this guy! Even his umbrella was perfectly matching his style!

I was jumping of the 7-train to change to the G-train this morning. On the way to Brooklyn. My umbrella is at work, or my neighbor's umbrella is at work so I had no umbrella.... Of course it started pouring, what else. I try to run to the G-train and stop for a while to get shelter. Probably looked miserable all soaked. Several people passed by but no one offered their umbrella. A guy passed by, looked at me and smiled. He looked like he was going to stop but continued. Then all of a sudden he turned and came back.
"Want to walk under my umbrella?"
"Sure - Thank you!" SMILE

Then we walked there chatting under the umbrella. I told about my umbrella in the office. In no time we were at the station for the G-train. The whole train ride he sat on the other side of the train and we looked at each other. I so should had continued the conversation. Kill me!

I think my new thing is guys with short-sleeved plaid shirt, super slim dark jeans, dress shoes and black glasses. Especially plaid shirts with a off-white ground is catching my eye. Haha, I'm a nerd with details like this. Should I add that the plaid should have thin stripes too? Haha.

Anyway, back to my umbrella-guy. He had perfect hair. Perfection and so shiny it was scary. Not dirty like some people dress and sloppy. When he sat the down on the train it always flew out of me: "Omg, I LOVE the way you look! I love you!" But I didn't. Felt kind off weird and I proably would had been stamped weirdo. He just lend me some space under his umbrella and some laughs about the weather. Also I guessed right, he stepped of at Broadway.

Gorgeous and style... Perfection. I so wanted to shrink him and put him in my pocket. Beauty for the eye is wonderful. The confidence too. Not too much. Just this air of coolness, confidence, style and "I know who I am and that's what I am, I don't care what people think about me".

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