Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So not inspired!

Just as the headline - NOT inspired! I'm supposed to sketch/partly design two different groups of sweaters at work. So not feeling it. I LOVE sweaters! Grrr! FOCUS, that's all I can tell myself.

I love my co-workers though! When everything just EXPLODE and we have 3 million things to do something happens and we all start laughing. Today my boss Theresa was running around, as usual. She dumps random stuff at our desks. Her glasses, sketch book, approvals, her water bottle & then she forgets and a confused: "WHERE is my sketch book??!!" can be heard.
"All here, Theresa'"
"Oh yes."
It's hilarious. Today we were laughing as crazy when Theresa confused said: "Me, I steal things?"
Theresa "steals" everything, everywhere. We walk around finding our supplies all our the office that Theresa has borrowed. This woman is like a cartoon. I didn't like her from the beginning but now she entertains me. She also likes me and seems to have partly adopted me.

Now I'm going to watch "Rachel getting married." People have said it's good. Let's see.

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