Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wonderful evening in West Village!

I just had a wonderful evening in West Village at Smörgåschef, a Swedish inspired restaurant. Met with two women, one an interior designer and one a psychologist. Lots of laughs and a great time. I had vegetarian meatballs with potatoes, brown sauce, cucumber & carrot salad and lingonberries. Excellent choice and so good. 

I really want to go for brunch one day at that restaurant! Such a cozy location on the corner of a street in the middle of West Village. Really nice interior and super nice people working there. Definitely much better than their location in Midtown.

I was so happy yesterday! I was just walking around with a stupid smile on my face on the way back home. So many people, so much to do and still so much to discover in this city. It's just a matter of approaching it with a positive attitude. The comment about me yesterday: "You are one of those! Approaching things left and right to get them done and find a solution,haha. Also a very, very strong person." Thank you. I guess I had learnt to survive in all weathers and the mission right now is to branch out to new people and continue to build a new world. Giving up is not just an option. I have done this so many times.

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