Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I still just have two arms & two legs...

So tired it's unbelievable. SUPER tired. I f I lay down on my bed right this second I would fall asleep in a minute. So much to do at work. I feel that I'm starting to get an attitude (not a bad one, just someone that is one fire to get everything done!). Whenever I hear my name I'm continuing to work while I say with an expected voice: "What happened?" Because something ALWAYS happens. Not involving me but with my boss: "Sketch this!", "Do you like this?", "How do I do this?", "What is this?", "Where can I find this?".... The questions over a day are just so many. My co-worker does the same thing when she hears her name: "Yeeeeeees, what happened?" Some days it's funny but today I just got fed up, first day ever. I have two arms and two legs, that's it. During the day I was trying to send emails to the vendor overseas, sketch 4 styles, send a packages to Bangladesh, figure out how to get the package to Bangladesh, print out x amount of tech packs, figure out why my Mac doesn't understand the tech designer,s PC Excel specs.... including have my boss on the other ear: "Linda, are you working on something? We need to sketch this..." Sometimes I just don't get it why my boss doesn't take a class in Illustrator or general computer knowledge. It would make all of our lives so much more easier, seriously.

I'm getting speedy though. Also on the level when people know that I know so they want to ask me. That's how it should be. I'm a superstar.

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