Sunday, August 30, 2009

So much JUNK!

God, I own so much JUNK. It's unbelievable. I'm still trying to fix my room and rearrange everything with my new furniture. Just went through part of my closet and some of the clothes I had NO IDEA that I still had. Really, do I need to keep a shirt from like 1998? That's not even in ok condition anymore? Even found my old shirt from my senior collection with my collection's name. I made it for myself to match my collection. It's all stained! So sad!! I'm going to try to wash it tomorrow. It's really super sad that white goes yellow after some years.

I really want to go for Asian brunch tomorrow but I have no one to go with. No fun to go by myself so I guess it will be skipped and I can make my own brunch in my kitchen. Boring. Whatever.

I start to feel inspired again. Have so many plans and ideas for things to make. Actually, me and Kirsten started to work on an idea for a website. I have this idea of limited edition childrenswear, stories, characters and just.... very me. Just have to get Kirsten to focus. When we were talking about this last weekend, she was all into her newly bought GIGANTIC Trader Joe's chocolate bar, haha. Oh well, I should really keep a note book in my bag to write down all my ideas. This whole website thing started when Kirsten bought "sad & crying" tissues online, haha. You can really sell anything online. So why not make our own website? Creative projects are wonderful. Kirsten seems to even be into the idea of learning websites.

FOCUS! That's the key for everything. And this is the reason why I can live with my slightly not sometimes exciting tech packs at work. I can do tech packs in my sleep. So easy and not killing myself. While I do that I can start to build an empire.

Oh oh! My new goal. I really want a brownstone building in Park Slope. I was talking to my dad about this today that I want to buy a building like that and they are deadly expensive. My dad had some slightly weird ideas how I could achieve my dream to get a building like that. I think my dad is losing it. In my dreams though, I will own a brownstone. With big windows, lots of light, unlimited budget to fix the interior....

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