Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rachel getting married.

"Rachel getting married" - great movie! I though it would be half bad but people have told me it's good so I saw it. It was a good movie! Such a messed up family, crazy mom and two sisters trying to live with the fact that their little brother died due to one of the sisters' drug problems. Anne Hathaway, she really surprise me sometimes. This movie and "Brokeback Mountain". I always thought of her as the actress for all the princess movies and "The Devil wears Prada. Anyway, this one is worth seeing.

Oh, when I mentioned "The Devil wears Prada"... Anna Wintour was on David Letterman the other evening. She is really skinny as hell and looked very stiff, but loosened up when Letterman joked with her. Apparently there is a documentary coming out about Vogue, "The September Issue". Want to see it! Feel a little bit like this is some desperate attempt to loosen up her "evil bitch" or "ice queen" stamp. Also some attempt to save a dying magazine world. I was reading New York Magazine this morning and apparently Conde Naste has closed several magazines and and ad sales are down - A LOT. What a "surprise" in this economy.

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