Friday, August 7, 2009


So inpatient... I got itch in my legs again. At the same time I'm so tired that I could fall asleep this second. Reading a book, thinking... Half-sleeping in my hammock.

Learning from mistakes and history is important. I was on the messenger with my nephew and started to think about how much I have learnt over the years. Sometimes I think that I'm still the same person that I was when I was 20 and then I talk to someone that is 20 and I realize that I really have learnt.
Apparently my nephew is job hunting. Not really sure what the status is on the hunting if it's even happening. Anyway, directly I had three million ideas what he could do. Maybe I should had been a coach? I really love this with brainstorming and coming up with ideas for other people.
It's pretty funny though. Me and my nephew like the same music. I said that Movits! is my favorite right now and he goes: "I know! They are great! Ever heard of the Embassy?" Got a youtube link so now I'm going to explore that. I'm pretty sure I heard them a while ago but forgot about it.... Oh I used to listen to them. Just realized that when I listened to another song by them.
I feel guilty though. I completely gave up on finding music that I like and all of that. No interest or time I guess. So much that have gotten neglected that I used to love. I'm really fighting this to happen again. I feel that it's in the air again, me getting 300% absorbed in my job and stress is getting a bite of me. I love that feeling but at the same time I hate it. I do not want to be a robot again when you work, work, work and then when you have time off you forget what you like to do or you are too tired to get inspired to do something. This with balance, I guess it's not my thing. It has to be though, I have decided that. There is so much to do on this planet and there is just one life.

I really want to go to IKEA this weekend. I'm so sick of having stuff piled up in my room along the walls. It really doesn't feel like I'm really living here as I haven't got new furniture for the once I sold. Anyway, I'm not sure how the stuff will get from IKEA. I tried to get M to do a favor and drive me there and then the stuff would have a nice ride in the car back to my place. Didn't really succeed with the idea though. Even tried to suggest that I could bribe him with beer. Maybe also adding a comment that he would be the super duper star of the weekend for doing the effort of helping me. Oh well, I guess that's not going to happen. Guess I have to live without new furniture until I find someone that owns a car, whenever that now will happen. Annoying. I should just grow 14 arms, 10 heads and like 25 legs and my problem would be solved. Until then....Grr...

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