Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday, Sunday...

My room is still a disaster but I was able to fix it a bit by getting hooks for the door. Seriously, one of those super smart inventions. Hooks that go over the door. Doesn't take much to impress me, haha. Now at least I have a solution for my shoe thing. Next thing is to hang my mirror. Making progress in this mess.

Also I ran into my neighbor. The same one that was trying to find Laila, my roommate, like... eh... 2 1/2 month ago. Anyway me and this guy talked that time he was looking for Laila and now was the first time I saw him again. He seems cool, photographer. He has a little bit of an air of desperation though about his profession in this economy. I gave him my email and now a few hours later I got an email about some "memorable experience" showing some of his photos and him meeting some singer. Is this the the new way of advertising yourself or what? I'm confused. Felt like some kind off weird sales call. Am I supposed to get impressed by this? So weird.
Have a feeling that I will get more emails from this guy. I'm so not interested in making friends with this guy, but would love to get to know his roommate! The roommate of his I have seen twice in the hallway but never got around to talk to.
This guy even remembered my name though. Did I make such an impression to be remebered so many months later? Unbelivable. I had even forgot that he lives down there on the 1st floor.


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