Thursday, August 20, 2009

Retarded customer service!

I'm a patient person with certain things. Today the patient just had to be pushed to the level of absolute maximum. I had to call AT&T customer service, some special division when you upgrade, due to that their system couldn't recognize my address. OK. So I called them to confirm my address and that it's the same address that I had for 4 years. Some moron concluded that my address doesn't exist. The whole conversation with this person ended up being 45 minutes. 45 minutes!!! Seriously, where 30 minutes of the conversation was just him trying to figure out why my address didn't work, complete quiet on the phone. In the end he told me to find another address as my address doesn't exist. What?! I live there! It's my god damn address!

So I tried to get a hold of Kirsten. Which involved going to my old job's website to find the number, calling them up, and ask for Kirsten. Got a hold off her and got her address to be concluded by the MORON at AT&T's customer service that her address didn't exist either. Then finally I gave my job's address, which I believed he would say didn't exist either - that would just be crazy as it's a midtown Manhattan location, but he found it. But I did have to help him spell Broadway and Suite. Who on this planet cannot spell to Broadway or Suite???!!!

At least I got compensate for waiting on the phone with this person for 45 minutes to get the next day delivery. Let's see if my phone will arrive tomorrow. People in the call center for AT&T in Nova Scotia are WEIRD. Isn't that Canada btw? Why do they have a call center in Canada? So weird. Including that he kept asking how far I lived from the city and if the weather was hot in NYC right now. Maybe he should branch out from Nova Scotia and move to NYC to learn to spell to Broadway and Suite! Some people... I cannot believe...... I almost felt like it was a prank call even though I made the call. This is the second time this week I had to talk this long with customer service. Kill me.

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