Monday, August 17, 2009

All fixed!

I now feel as my dad wold say "Feeling like a new person" or maybe something my mom would say, haha. I have been in the bath tube and I have been all soaked. All fixed. Ready, set, go. And yes, I do feel a bit like a new person. I feel shiny, somehow.

Bought two new dresses. One is black and has cool pleats at the waist and cool sleeves. I look like my actual age in that dress, haha. Or maybe not, at least it has grown up points. Whatever. It's a cool dress. Also bought a blue toned dress that is very summery. Excellent to wear to work with a tank top under. I really had to get some dresses. It's H O T outside and going outside in anything not involving dresses, skirts or shorts is suicide. It's gluing against the body heat outside and it's staying for some time. In order to not collapse in this heat, I had to find some new suitable clothes.

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