Friday, May 1, 2009

Allergy hell.

Yesterday I woke up with my right eye being all RED. I didn't notice it but then I took a look in the mirror and got afraid. Looked like somebody hit me! Got a picture of this disaster on my phone. Anyway, today I have been half-sleeping on the couch, allergy hell is killing me and my my eye is on the recovery face, still itching insanely on the eye though.

I got pollen allergies 2 years ago or something. Informed my mom of these allergies and she got all excited (eh?): "I got allergies when I was 25 too! It's nothing strange with that!"
..... It's wonderful that I can make my mom's day with that she feels a huge connection with me due to getting allergies at the same age. I'm less entertained though. I'm tired, confused, everything hurts and had to scare my roommate that I might have swine flu. She didn't believe me. Well, I don't either, just this allergy hell.

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