Saturday, May 23, 2009

Give up?

So I thought this through and I just don't want to fight for this visa anymore. I'm going to do that last attempt and see what will happen. According from what I have read my visa will be denied, no matter what. I'm not really sure what to do with my employer. Figured that I should probably work some weeks and just get the money back for the visa and then tell him straight up the situation. They can always find someone new. It's more devastating for me. With this scenario I can end up in Sweden in a matter of less than a month. Never ever think that all problems are solved....
I guess I'm back at Plan B to study in Sweden. Whatever. I could cry about this and get upset about most stuff right now but it's simply not going to help. I really don't feel like fighting anymore.

I'm really sad about M. though. So damn low. I wrote an e-mail about my situation and he can't even take the courtesy to write back.

What I'm learning from this experience is: Never go to another plan when you already started one. I should had simply moved when I started selling my furniture. I was even in the middle of writing an e-mail to my current employer to say no to the job, instead I changed my mind. Stuff like this happen when I don't follow my guts and get distracted by everything around me. Am I really that stupid?

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