Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Patience is a good thing which I don't have.

ZERO patience. For the past hour I have wanted to jump up and down in my apartment and scream right out. Realized that this behavior wouldn't be the best as my landlord lives in the apartment under, or my roommate next door would appreciate this behaviour. So here I'm sitting. Frustrated as hell, with myself and other things. I feel like a complete fool. Idiot. Incompetent. At the same time mad as hell.

Today I walked from Brooklyn Heights, over Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, Broadway up.... All to get out some of my energy. On Broadway I made a HUGE discovery... When I moved to NYC in '03 we found a sewing supply/yarn store on Broadway in Chinatown. Always thought that this store closed some years ago, I was very sad when I learned that... Now when I was walking on Broadway I see a similar store at another location, I pass by, walk back, look at the name, continue to walk and then walk back again, walk inside and see the same people that worked at that other store there! It's impossible. They moved???? Or did they start up a new business with the new things and just smaller space?? I guess so!! It was all there. The wonderful buttons, yarns, fabrics and all other stuff that can be needed for making something. All at half the price from the garment district in Midtown. This is amazing news. I just had to walk around and touch everything....

Also found a pair of sunglasses at Forever21. I like sit friendly glasses as I have a tendency to break them sooner or later. Hopefully these glasses will last the summer and not break in the bag as my pair from last summer. Oh the issues, haha. At least stuff like sunglasses distract my frustrated mind. Less than a week until I start to work, new life coming up. Dammit, I could had been traveling around the world instead of working. For the moment I want to be anywhere else except NYC. That's the level things are on right now! Oh well, I guess this will be good too. The people at the new job seem nice. Nice people are always a positive sign.

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