Saturday, May 23, 2009

Disaster life.

This week has been one of the most intense in years. The following have been concluded:

1. I have been out of status from my visa without knowing it. Slightly hysteric meeting at my lawyer. Two people trying to come up will all various solutions for the problem. Apparently it's fixable but I have to go to Canada to get my visa. Seriously, so complicated that I almost want to just leave. I am so SICK of this.

2. I'm sick. Really bad. My new boss thought I had swine flu. Who knows what I have. It's not good that's for sure. I can't breath, cough and the rest that comes with being sick. This has been going on for 6 days. I'm really hoping I will get better in the next days.

3. Started my new job Monday. Went ok for the first day and then these four people that run the company thought that I apparently didn't speed up enough. What happened to learning time? That was apparently not on the plate. I'm supposed to sketch 10 styles a day, including all other stuff, no exception. As I got nervous of the whole situation I got to know the girl sitting next to me that is a CAD Artist and she explained that they expect people to just sit down first day at work and be superman. Doesn't help that I'm sick and that slow things down as hell and my computer & drawing pen are going CRAZY. Hopefully better next week. I only have to work 3 days btw. Monday is Memorial day and Friday is Jewish Holiday.

4. Being alone sucks. Seriously. Am I supposed to do everything by myself now? What sucks most though is that when you don't have something you understand what you lost. I'm the loser in this case. I find myself not entertained by anything at all. All the stress, sickness of this week, no lunch - made me lose weight, something that didn't need to happen. So this week and next week I'm going to dedicate to eating even though I have to cook for myself which is deadly boring. I"m just not entertained by this situation at all.

5. Sleeping in your hammock on the balcony due to no air conditioner is just plain stupid. I woke up this morning and now I have this pain in my right armhole. Not really sure what happened but it hurts. Idiot, that's all I have to say about myself.

6. I own no clothes. Nothing. Everything is just so blah. With a slim boss that's in her 60's and dressed in fashionable tops, slim jeans, 10 cm/4" heels EVERY day, perfectly dyed hair & makeup - I feel like something that the dog dragged in. Have to update my closet.

7. I got a nice neighbor. Such a weird story. Yesterday I heard a knock on the door when I was passed out on the couch, wondering if I ever would wake up again. I go and open the door and an Asian guy is standing there asking for Laila, my roommate. I say that Laila is probably in her room, he goes there and knock on the door, no reply. The guy starts to talk and apparently he has moved in on the first floor with a roommate. He's a fashion photographer, had met Laila in the hallway and he now wanted to show his portfolio. As Laila didn't open the door I ended up talking to this person, saw his portfolio - ok - lots of work for Zac Posen.
My slightly "i-don't-like-ppl-in-the-apartment" roommate Joanna shows up. She leaves but when she comes back says:
"Who was that?"
"Our new neighbor on the first floor."
"So? What's he doing here?"
"Looking for Laila."
"He doesn't have to be here."

Ever thought it could be nice to just small talk? I actually ended up having a 30 minutes talk with this guy about fashion, photography, design industry, NYC life, apartments and exchange of business cards. Always something, new contacts are always good.

Now I'm going to get ready to meet Kirsten! She has Penny this week - Yay! Her mini pincher dog. Slightly crazy dog but so cute! Hanging out is always good. I just have to go to the pharmacy to hunt down some over the counter medication. Doctor is not an option here as I don't have insurance.

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