Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh the restless mind.

I'm feeling restless. I haven't felt this way since I used to work. Even though I'm not working yet I'm getting that ITCH that every single minute of my life now have to be ACTION in order to compensate for all the hours spent at a job. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, now I'm going to bed. All done with watching "Gossip Girl", "Medium" and "Jay Leno". Mondays are all about these shows.

"Medium" was deadly scary! Me and Joanna were watching it with fear and commenting. Joanna ended the 2 hour episode with a loud: "NOOOOOOOOOO, I have to wait a WHOLE week for seeing the end!" when "To be continued..." came up. A whole week until the mystery will be solved, this is good stuff. We are GLUED to the mystery of the moment.

It's all my roommate's fault, I have gotten a little bit addicted to "Medium".

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