Friday, May 8, 2009


What on earth am I doing? Seriously? I should just stop this whole crap deal and just rethink, new strategy, replan, start fresh and hello life. It if just was that easy, as of anything ever would be easy. Other than that I got lost in Brooklyn today, after walking for 1 1/2h.

Got x amount of cute hugs from Emma 4 years old. Emma will be DEVASTATED when she realizes that I no longer will be her little friend, as I don't have the same amount of time to babysit when I work full-time. Still offered to do some evenings and weekends with Emma though - I have reached the conclusion that me and this 4 year old get along awesome. I enjoy playing Memory 5 times in a row, doing 100 piece puzzles and just reflect over the easy entertainment of these young little people. The conversations with these little people are also entertaining, lots of "Why? Why so? Why that?"... The never ending questions and the questions can for sure be weird and entertaining! Not like my new co-workers, age like 40+, will have funny and entertaining questions.... The level there will be completely different.

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