Monday, May 11, 2009

Thank you diary!

When I feel lost and I'm not really in control of the situation, need to go back and see how I felt before, I go to my diary. This time I'm very thankful that it does exist. "Am I blind?????" was what I concluded. Start to wonder about my mental condition on this planet. I got to have one of the most stubborn and everything-can-be-solved attitude ever existed. Such an idiot, that's what I have to say about myself! Grrr!

I'm a bit entertained by myself though. I need to catch that feeling again, that mood, that embrace of the moment. Almost naive probably, but it's good sometimes in certain situations. New times, new life. I'm pretty sure that I'm in some months will have new adventures. With or without the person. This is out of my control, I have done my contribution.

Other than that I have today visited DMV, dear and beloved Department of Motor Vehicle. No, I did not buy a car. People go there to get their IDs. I have concluded after getting to argue with bouncers and deli people that I do need a NYS license. My Swedish drivers license is no longer useful.
Sometimes I have to argue with people that it's me on the picture due to that I have black hair and bangs on it. What I do not understand though is that if these people are questioning my identity, if I would fake it, why on earth would I pick a Swedish drivers license to do it??? Seriously! Talk about stupid. Well, to solve this dilemma I contemplated between coloring my hair black or simply getting a state license.. So I went to DMV, should had done it years ago. Talk about collection of all types of people at that place. In the middle of everything a Buddhist monk passed by! In a whole orange monk outfit. Do monks really need ID cards? Hm.
Anyway, mission accomplished and my non-drivers ID card will be sent in the mail to my address in 2 weeks. Valid for 8 years, definitely worth the 2h wait time and dealing with weirdo DMV people working there.
Orange outfit spotted at DMV, here is just a picture of how it looked like.

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