Thursday, May 28, 2009

Need to go to bed!

I am TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRED. Stayed at work until 7.30pm. We had to print out fall & spring catalog and 5 of us were trying to stress the printer to go faster (no success). Had to wait 1 1/2h to get a printout to come out. In the end the printer gave up and turned off itself and we gave up. Enough.

Now I'm tired, ate some dinner and watched a weirdo "Spelling Bee Championship" on tv. If I ever have a kid it would seriously freak me out if my kid wanted to ever be on a competition like that. The kids are around 12-13 years old and stand there with their pants to their armholes, glasses, weird hairstyles and just..... GEEK. Is even a spelling bee competition a sport? So weird. This is what happens when my roommate takes control of the remote that I get to watch these stupid things.

Other than that I got 2 paychecks today for my last 2 weeks. YAY! Exciting stuff, I'm normal again. I feel normal. Just have to solve my visa and I'm up and running again. People that don't think I work are so wrong. This company is so small that every single thing you do gets attention. If you don't work, you're screwed. If you work but not fast enough, you're screwed. If you work fast, then you are ok. I seriously need to speed up.

Tomorrow is Jewish Holiday! YAY for that too! I have no idea what holiday but I'm off. Sleeping in is the deal. I'm going to bed now, passing out. I can't even keep my eyes open.

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