Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teaching the kids how to shop...

This is so weird! Taby Kommun, where my parents currently live in Sweden, are now organizing a camp for 11-13 year old girls to experience a "Girl & The City" camp during the summer. Basically the camp is about learning to shop and the city. Inspired by "Sex an the City"... Are they CRAZY? The strangest thing is when the person organizing the camp at the end of the article says:
"There is something very sensitive in the girls and their interests. But I think we can try to get into discussions on the ideals from the other side. Are the girls too skinny, we may as well get the opportunity to fed them some pastries ... if you know what I mean."
Check out some more here about the camp...

I'm pretty sure these people working for the county, have lost their mind.... and they wonder why kids in today's society get messed up!

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