Monday, March 2, 2009

Back in NYC...

Back from Vermont after a somewhat successful trip. Nice to have a change of scenario though and see something else than just NYC.
Yesterday when the car got to Brooklyn I really felt that I was home. Nothing against Vermont but I can never live there. It's just so far away between everything. Also the way people dress there is VERY scary.... We went to a bar and a lady wore jeans that looked like they were from the '90s. Gigantic pockets and so ill fitting jeans. I got scared....Also plaid shirts seems to be a big hit there. Great place though Vermont with nice people but not for me. Good for visits but that's it.

So... Monday and a new week. I'm planning my future - again. A less successful talk on the phone with my parents that just want me to move back to Sweden. Oh come on. I would miss New York. I realized that after almost a week in Vermont. I live here. I have a feeling that Sweden would be a similar experience to Vermont. Great for visiting but not for living. But I guess in the current situation I can't say anything and just have to accept things as they come. Gah.

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