Tuesday, March 10, 2009

THE moment!

Unbelievable. I just transferred my old blog to three word documents and is now almost ready to delete if from online. Turned out to be 1000 pages. WOW! How on earth did that happen???

As always I get stuck with reading something from the past. This time my eye caught random entrances from '01 and '02. Ha! The first years. Still had a sense of humor to weird stuff happening around me in a teenage way of looking at life. Also I had no clue about the dangerous sides of taking a stroll 5 am in the morning in Paris..... So damn lucky that nothing ever happened to me.

Found an entrance from one of mine & Kim's nights out at a 3 floor nightclub in the middle of Paris. How clueless were we?? I seriously almost felt my heart jump out of me when I read the story of me running through the subway tunnels at Champs-Élysées and some crazy man was running after me screaming RUN, RUN in French! Back then I didn't understand the seriousness of being out running in an empty subway tunnel in France 5 am in the morning. You are 10 times more safe in NYC than there! It's a god damn jungle of random characters in the middle of the night. Not to say that NYC doesn't have that, but for some reason it feels way more safe.

Also found some slightly pathetic entrances about my summer working as a cashier at a Swedish grocery store called ICA. Basically the whole store was as a bad version of "The Office" with yes, a Michael boss. I have entrances about slightly weird conversations with fellow co-workers and shoppers at that store. Lovely! I apparently also broke the rule of not buttoning my blue shirt high enough. Haha.

Had some more reading about my "career" as something so boring as delivering newspapers 6 days/week 2 am in the morning for 3 summers in a row. Was I insane? I so would never do that again for that slave salary. The sad thing though is that Premo still exists and apparently they are still offering the same crappy salary 7 years later.

I have a fear that my life in Sweden, if it is going to happen, is going to be like then. With crappy low paying jobs and just plain stupidity. It could fly with me when I was 20 but almost 27, I don't think so. Imagine me working at Premo delivering newspapers again..... Kill me! I guess the faith will let me know what my destiny will be....

I'm for sure not entertained by the whole Sweden deal. When someone leave, you leave and returning 8 years later that's like going backward not forward. Ok, positivity, that's the key in this case. At least I'm not from Africa. I am from a pretty good country and if to believe surveys & studies, one of the happiest countries on this planet. Breath in, breath out, I can do this.

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