Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pushing stuff for the future.

So after another talk with my mom on the phone I'm so not entertained by going back to Sweden. I seriously get panic attacks with this "mellan-mjolks ideal" (Basically means middle milk... hard to explain)....that keeps coming up every time you talk to a person living over there. God, I can just see myself living in Sweden, no action at all and no Kimchi, dumplings, papaya salads or brunches in sight. Do they have fish stores over there with reasonable prices? I don't think so.

The country of jealousy and "jantelagen" where no one can be better than the other one. I love Sweden for everything that it is but in terms of making a career as a childrenswear designer and making a great amount of money, that's for sure not the place to be. Would my career be engineer or doctor, go for it. It also feels as if Sweden has way less choices in terms of what to do with your life.

But the great news of the day, I met a Swedish lady with two kids that I'm going to take care of. So now I found a way of sponsoring my stay in this country for some more weeks while I'm buying time and figuring out what I want to do. Sooner of later I have to leave I guess but the later the better.

Finding a replacement roommate for our apartment has also turned out to be quit an impossible task. Only by putting out an ad you can see the less responses you get, compared to October last year. The economy right now just sucks, BAD. People don't move, they don't buy, they seriously don't do anything! And we really have a BIG and spacious apartment with a great price for what you get in NYC, still no success.

Other than that I'm still in love with ebay and all my stuff from living 6 years in this country is on sale. Then I put my bike on craigslist and changed my mind when people got back to me. I love my bike, too much emotion to get ride off it already. It was such a hassle to get that bike from the beginning and soon it will be long gone. It's so sad!

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