Saturday, March 21, 2009


So the guy that wanted the magazines came and picked them up. Impressive. Before that I had an additional conversation with the man on the phone, again the same talk as previous post about how to drive to my apartment. Don't people take notes? Especially when they ask the same thing 10 times? Apparently not. Not to end it there, he calls 3h after he came and picked it up & bought the magazines.

"Do you have a cat in your apartment"
"No, we don't have a cat. We don't smoke. We're clean."
"Oh, that's good. My stepfather just cleaned the whole house and it was dirty and just want to know that these magazines are all clean."
"It was so dirty and I can't be close to anything with cats."
"So thank you for these magazines. Really appreciate it, they are in great condition."
"Ok, good, well now, BYE."
"Yeah, they are in really great condition."
"That's great, BYE!"

This could be upcoming stocker warning. Why call AFTER you bought them. Exchange & Return on Craigslist, I don't think so. I'm a little freaked that he is going to call in 2 days and be like: "Hi, it's Paul. How are you doing Linda? Want to go for a coffee?" The man had those tendency.

We also managed to sell our 8 year old vacuum cleaner for $20. My mom got pissed when I told her this: "You're selling and old vacuum cleaner??? I didn't even know you had one, why not keep it?! You never vacuum the apartment."
Excuse me? So typical my mom to remember that I many years ago told her that we don't own a vacuum cleaner and we don't vacuum, just swipe the floors and clean them with water. Slight cleaning crazy mom thinks this is a crime. Oh well. We haven't used the vacuum, ever. It's loud, take crazy amount of space and we don't want it. Some old roommate before we even lived here bought it.

Other than that my French roommate is driving me CRAZY. The landlord needs to pay his mortgage so his wife is hunting us down for this girl's rent that she hasn't paid. Teen days late! Seriously, this is the second time in two months. I feel like a babysitter/mom to this girl. Pay the god damn rent! She has a full-time job, me and my Taiwanese roommate don't - still we pay on time.
The landlord has been talking to me twice that they NEED the rent, still nothing happens. I just had enough of this bullshit so I called our roommate, she was hiding in her room so instead of waiting for her to pick up I knocked on the door and told her to pay now and APOLOGIZE to the landlord. Still nothing happens. What the fuck is wrong with people?!
Meanwhile this girl wants to buy a couch for $1000 and re-decorate the living room. People's priorities are so weird. Helping my Taiwanese roommate to find a new roommate, that's apparently not even a concern either.
I'm feeling a fight coming in the air. Let this just be smooth. PLEASE. I already have too much on my plate to deal with this crap.

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