Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Extending more...

So I have deiced to stay until May 1st. Before it was April 15th and before that April 6th. Feels as if I'm never going to leave. I just can't get myself to book a ticket. Somewhat this starts to sink in though. Today I have sold my book shelf and some other stuff. Making progress of this of downsizing and having less stuff to transport to the other side of the planet.

Out of the blue me and Ubat-Martin have started our messenger conversations again. It's funny! We used to talk every other day some years ago and then it just disappeared. Guess I stopped hanging too much in front of the computer being more involved in other stuff. Anyway, now when I'm at home Ubat-Martin has re-appeared out of nowhere, literally. Everything started with that he commented on my status on Facebook about my slightly incompetent to pay on time roommate. That roommate that also tried to bribe the landlord when she finally paid. Since she paid teen days late she wanted to pay more. We just concluded that this is awful behaviour and people that think they can buy themselves out of everything are just not healthy.

Oh, something else... Yesterday I had a messed up conversation with a older lady on the phone. She so messed with my head! I'm slightly sensitive right now and I take in everything pretty easy even though I shouldn't. This woman called to buy my 35+ yarn balls. Then the conversation somehow turned into that she worked in design and was looking for an assistant. I told her that I 'm leaving because I have a visa and I can't find a job. Then this lady started telling me all sorts of crazy stuff, some of her comments below:

"You have a visa, after being here for 6 years? How come you haven't found a solution for this many years ago? 6 years are a long time! You haven't tried enough. All immigrants come here and make money and then they leave with those money when they should seek citizenship."

- I did my best considering the situation. 6 years are a short time for anything in the US when it comes to get permanent residence. Some people wait 5-10 years to get a green card.

"You know that companies are against hiring foreigners because they are not Americans. We have to help ourselves before the immigrants. You come here and get your education and take jobs."

-Did she also take in the consideration that all these people coming here fuels the economy? A lot of people just study here and that means they only spend, not make money.

"You're wasting you're time selling your stuff on craigslist when you should be spending your time finding a solutions how you can stay in America. No one wants to leave the US. This is the best country on the planet. NOOOO ONE (INTENSE voice) wants to leave this country. Going back, puh! My parents are immigrants and I'm first generation in this country. My parents would NEVER had considered going back."

-Who says that this is the best country on this planet? When you lived in ALL countries on this planet, make your evaluation.

"Your parents got to be very wealthy to have you go to Parsons. I went to FIT."

-Idiot. Why do all people conclude that you are disgustingly rich just because you went to Parsons? I'm not. I ate noddles and starved myself through college to get my education. If it was now, I probably would never do what I did many years ago. It was just crazy. But dreams are dreams and should be fulfilled to any price. Even though it includes killing yourself in the process. I have learnt unique skills of varies kind that most people never will have.
Also, it's just in America where parents pamper there kids 300% and the parents are supposed to pay tuition and all various things for their kids. I got left on my own at 19 years old, no pampering here.

A short summation of this crazy lady. I so should just have hanged up the phone but got sucked up into the conversation. Didn't answer her though what I wrote below.
People that DON'T KNOW the struggles that I have gone through shouldn't even say a thing and yes, if there had been opportunities I would had applied for a green card. It just wasn't possible to do so.

In the end she didn't even buy my yarn balls. Urg! Better success with dealing with crazy people today though. Today we made a profit of $136. Go bananas! My Taiwanese roommate thinks I'm slightly insane and can sell everything. So true. Therefore I do get stuck with weird conversations.

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