Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dealing with people.

People are craaaazy. Yes, they are. At least if they want to buy your old magazines on Craigslist. The older man, named Paul, yesterday called me twice to make sure that he would get the magazines. Second call was about 15 minutes and the conversation went like this:

"I'm looking at a map, but I don't see Woodside Avenue."
"We're in between 41 Avenue and Woodside Avenue so if you see 69th Street and see 41 Avenue you should be able to see Woodside Avenue."
"I don't see it, so do I turn left at 41 Avenue."
"No, as I said, we're on 69th Street."
"So let me ask you this, so 41Avenue is in between Queens Blvd and Roosevelt Avenue."
"I thought you already found 41 Avenue?"
"So coming from Queens Blvd, what side is your house on."
"The right."
"So if I'm coming from Roosevelt Avenue?"
"The left"
"As I said, it's really simple and the street is really short. Just stick to 69th Street and you will find it."
"So let me ask you this, how far away are you from Queens Blvd."

This conversation went on and on and on for 15 minutes, with no result. Seriously, I have nothing against helping lost people but there was no progress. I could never be a teacher. The interesting thing will be is if this buyer will show up and actually pay $25 for this old crap.

My roommate had the same weirdo conversation with a guy that bought her computer. He called for several days saying that he was coming to pick up the computer. Then he finally showed up and wow, crazy computer people are just WEIRD. At least she sold the computer though, I'm hoping for the same luck with getting ride off my old stuff.

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