Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's only getting worse....

Today this hit my inbox..... No Career Fair coming up. Not that my experience with the first one a month ago was great but have to try everything... This market is DEAD so all attempts count.

"This is XXXXX from XXXXXXXX. I'm writing to let you know
that, due to economic conditions, we will not be hosting a career fair in
New York this Spring. Unfortunately, not enough companies are hiring
right now.

Since we've already booked (and paid for) the room, our plan is to host a
day of seminars designed to help fashion industry professionals improve
their chances of getting a job. We are in the process of assembling an
all-star cast of fashion industry recruiters who will speak on the
following topics:

- Resume Writing
- Portfolio Creation
- Freelancing for Designers
- Freelancing for Non-Designers
- Find a Job with Social Networking Sites
- Do's & Don'ts of Internet Job Searches
- Finding your first job in the Fashion Industry
- Transitioning from Retail to Wholesale
- and any other topics you think might help job seekers during this
difficult time

Our plan is to have one morning and one afternoon workshop. Each workshop
will have 5 seminars, of which, you will be able to attend 3. Tim Gunn
from Project Runway is tentatively scheduled for one of the seminars.

We know these are trying times for fashion industry job seekers and as
such, the workshops will be priced at only $49 advanced purchase and $59
at the door. As an added bonus, attendees will get 3 months of
Premium Placement as well. Our hope is that these seminars will help
people improve people's job search skills and ultimately, get a job."

From job fair to job seminar. I'm so not attending. What are all these people going to do without jobs? Starve and get homeless on the street?

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