Monday, February 23, 2009

The new week....

When I came home this morning and ate breakfast I got a message on my phone... from Kirsten. Apparently they were cleaning out at my old job again and some people that I worked with got laid off.

One designer that I worked with for 2 1/2 years apparently got laid off. She worked there for 10 years. A bit scary to hear. Even though I wasn't there the fear of what happened started to go through my body. Also a Korean girl that also went to Parsons and has a visa got laid off. I so hope for her that she knew what to say to fight for her visa.

Crazy, crazy, crazy times. US is good at making hysteric news whatever the topic is.... Snowstorm, someone got shot, job market.... You name it. But I do believe that the current hysteric environment with the job market is true. I'm in it and I see it. It's CRAZY. Companies are slashing people. I just wonder when it's going to turn?

Just spoke to my parents and my slightly worried dad wants me to move back to Sweden. I just can't do that yet. I live here. All my stuff are here. It feels weird closing a chapter without knowing what the new one would be. If I had a job in another country I could deal with the change but without, what's the point of moving? Towards a destiny of being even more unemployed and not even having an own apartment? Talk about loser warning.

Yesterday we saw the Oscars. I added on a bunch of movies on M.'s netflix of movies we have to see. Milk, The Reader, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Revolutionary Road, Changeling.... So many movies I really want to see.
Over the weekend we watched Sweetney Todd. Talk about slashing throat movie. So didn't like it. Johnny Depp is always a superstar though, even if the movie is crappy. Maybe I should spend my days watching movies forgetting about how sucky everything is right now? I knew I picked a tough career choice but the economy was never something I predicted.

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