Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Planning for the future is the best tool.

Just had a long talk with my French roommate. We never really talk to each other. We live in the same apartment but we have such a different schedules. Over the holidays we didn't see each other for almost 2 months. So NYC life. Anyway.... My roommate walks into the door and her first comment is:

"Hey.... Did a lot of people get laid off from your job?"

That started a whole conversation about my lay off and the current economy and how everything is just DEAD. She is scared. SCARED of the situation right now. She still has her job but things are NASTY and people are fighting for their life to survive and keep their job. 2009 is going to be the year for learning how to survive.

After half an hour Laila says to me: "You seem so calm. Not concerned about your situation."
That's the second person in less than a week that says that. I have my moments but for the most I'm just accepting the situation.
I could get hit by a car tomorrow and it would all be over. Life is too short to worry about things like losing your job. I learnt from an early age that things cost money and that no one will give me anything for free. Planning for the future was something I started many years ago when I still had a job. With that said, I still have my downturns and Thursday I was crying about my situation, but it only lasted for some minutes and then it stopped.
I realize what helps me is talking. Brainstorming. Ignoring and comments such as: "Do we have to talk about this?" just doesn't fly with me. I need something to grab. Something to hold on to. An action plan. It has been shaping for many years and I think I'm starting to get ready to give all my projects going. As Laila said, recessions are not necessarily a bad thing. They make people think outside the box.

As a side note, when talking to Laila I realized that I lost myself for the last year. ME. THIS IS ME. Just gave up on this with working on my dreams and ME, Linda, that knows disappeared. I'm promising myself to never let a damn job eat me up again. Adapting, sure, but to the point of losing yourself, that's simply not going to happen again.
When I have serious discussion with people. I know that I'm still there. I can for sure argue and get my point through when I want to. That's what landed me on this side of the planet from the beginning. How on earth did I loose it? I know part of the answer and if certain people could get sued for EVIL behavior I know for sure who I would attack. But that's a waste of time. Some people will get their punishment in the end anyway.

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