Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Career vs. Happiness?

Just spent the last hour talking to Laima on the phone, another old co-worker. Haven't spoken with her since November. We seem to be in the same boat as we both don't want to work again for someone else. I have to work for someone else again, probably, but honestly I do not want to. I'm tired of having people pushing me around and never recognizing ME for what I can do. Then I'm rather unemployed, figuring out another solution to my life. For my profession there are years that just have to be dedicated to tough years - dog years - as I call them. But to some extend, dog years have to end. Otherwise something dies.

I don't believe though that you never should struggle, it's healthy and gives strength. Just as all people should move to a new place at least once in their life where they don't know anybody. To understand the value of what they have, learn how to branch out, get a new pattern to their life and see strengths to their unique personality.

Life is amazing, it really is. It's like I'm growing every day and I guess I'm in some kind off recovery stage. Realized that I'm really HAPPY for the first time in many years. I feel hope even though the current state. I walk outside the door and I'm smiling, looking at people, feeling spring coming in the air and just breath. Before I was always stressing with some bag, always ON THE WAY. Was I happier by that? Not really. So the question is - can you really be happy even though you are working and apparently building a so called career? Is there a possibility to meet a balance in this country where your job is your life? Salary & Money mean that you can consume and the bought products means that you are successful... At least that seems to be the story if I understood the concept for life that a lot of people have.

I really don't get it.

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