Friday, February 20, 2009

Insane & Desperate Job Market!

Today me and You Lee went to a design job fair. All ready-set-go we stood in line with a bunch of other people early this morning. Talk about standing in liiiiiiiiiine, that's how many people were there.

Before the job fair I had some hope that I would find a job but after going to this event...... Soooooooo many people are swimming in the same fishbowl trying to find a job right now and there are so few openings. The whole fair had this air of desperation. Slightly scary.

Showed my portfolio to The Children's Place people and they liked my portfolio but they are not looking for anyone in design. Same as most other companies at that fair. Why do a company go to a fair taking people's resumes and looking at their portfolios if they are not even hiring? "Interest Applications"... What's the point?

When I was standing there I all of a sudden saw Miho, that worked at my old company for like 3 months before her stay ended there. Talked with her for a while.. So silly. I showed her and Laima Filemaker when they worked at that company and started out. Now none of us work there. Isn't it strange about the rotation of people?

Also spotted Valentina that was in my senior class at Parsons. Me and You lee weren't really sure if she saw us or was just pretending to be blind. Rough times for everybody, that's the reality right now.

I'm proud of myself though. I tried. I have done everything that is in my power to try to find a job in this current economy. I have this damn visa dragging me down but still I'm not giving up. If I do give up and move, at least I never can regret it and say that I never gave it my all. Fighters don't give up, they just adapt to the situation and find new adventures somewhere else.

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