Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Papaya Salad Mission!

So I'm addicted.... to Green Papaya Salad! This is a similar thing as Korean Kimchi that has gone on for years now. I cannot live without it. I get this insane craving and I NEED TO have it. Therefore, after last weeks unsuccessful Papaya Salad that tasted like shit, we got Scott and Alice to walk us around Chinatown to find the RIGHT and MISSING ingredients from last week.

I still had to restrain myself. I have been messing up the Papaya Salad Mission two times so far and mine and M.'s last project last week was just.... DISASTER. Not even eatable. Had to throw it out, talk about disappointment. The day after we had to go and buy 2 Papaya Salads at my favorite Tai Thai. But now we were actually going to succeed with this. Got both shrimp paste and tamarind paste that we apparently were missing...

Back at the apartment and found in Chinatown.... Several different stuff to make some Thai food with..... Yay!
Work in progress.... Reached the conclusion that we had the incorrect kind of Papaya last week...
After some mixing we concluded that we were at the right track...... This is amazing! People, everyone, HELLO EARTH! This is amazing!
Me & The Love of My Life - Papaya Salad. We love each other - forever. (Or until I'm can't eat this anymore since I now can make it and that will be done too much.)

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